The 7 Worst Things You Could Do To Your Plumbing  System

The 7 Worst Things You Could Do To Your Plumbing System

Taking care of your plumbing system, and managing your water consumption behaviors isn’t rocket science, by any means. However, you might be surprised what fairly common, detrimental mistakes so many Lubbock homeowners make every day. These mistakes can build in severity over time, and snowball into major plumbing disasters if left unattended. 1.) Ignoring the Signs Easily, the worst thing you can do to your home plumbing stems from negligence; ignoring the warning signs of a pipe failure or other plumbing problems will only cause those problems to develop, and result in higher restorative costs later on. Common signs of a plumbing problem you should take immediate note of include persistent clogging, lawn indents, poor water pressure, and lawn moisture. If you notice any of these signs, do not ignore them or forget about them! By acting fast, you can mitigate not only damage to your plumbing, but the extent of later repairs. Very often, we see major plumbing damages as the result of negligent care; damages which are entirely avoidable with the right care and attention given. 2.) Using Chemical Cleaners One of the worst things homeowners can do to their home plumbing systems is also one of the most common methods people use to “clean” their drain pipes. The fact of the matter is that these chemical cleaners can actually be very hazardous to your home plumbing system, and may even damage your pipes. The pressurized, foaming action and unnecessary additives that make these chemical solutions work are also what make them dangerous to your plumbing. If you routinely use these cleaners to resolve home pipe issues, you may actually be causing the erosion and breaking down of your own pipes! Over periods of use, these cleaners will naturally begin to eat away at the inner walls of your pipe....
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