How to Install a New Toilet

How to Install a New Toilet

New toilet day is an exciting time for any household. Many families might replace a toilet only once, or never, during their residence in a particular home. When you do make a new addition to the bathroom toilet plumbing, it’s important to do it right. Read on for tips on how to install your new toilet yourself.

Finding the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom


Before you run out and purchase a new toilet, you need to measure the space where it will go in the bathroom to ensure that you buy a model that will fit. Then, when picking out the toilet, the easiest way to go is to get a full kit that includes all the bolts you need as well as a new wax seal. If you pick out a model that has a separate toilet bowl and tank, verify that they are a matching pair.

Once the old toilet is out of the picture, and the floor is totally clean of grime andwax, you’re ready to set your new throne into place. When you have all the parts at hand, follow these steps to make your toilet operational:

First, install the bolts into the floor or flange around the soil pipe, depending on the model toilet you have.

Next, flip the bowl upside down and set the wax ring around the hole on the bottom that empties waste from your bathroom toilet plumbing.

Flip the bowl back over and loosely set it in place on top of the soil pipe.

Gradually tighten the bolts, alternating between tightening the nuts and slightly rocking the toilet so it settles firmly down into place.

If you have bolt caps, stick them on when the installation is secure.

If your toilet has a separate tank, install it on the bowl following manufacturer instructions. Pay special attention to getting the gasket securely in place so you don’t risk leaking water from the bowl.

Screw on the toilet seat.

When the entire toilet is ready to go, hook up the supply line and turn on the water flow. Water should fill up the tank and not run into the bowl. If it does, you need to make some adjustments to the float or flapper in the tank.

Finally, test the flush handle and make sure the tank empties into the bowl to your satisfaction. Make adjustments to the chain and overflow pipe if necessary.

Congratulations! You’re ready to use your new toilet.

Don’t Risk a Plumbing Disaster

While a toilet installation is a relatively simple job, it is imperative that it be done correctly so you don’t risk leaking waste water out onto your bathroom floor. If you run into any problems, or don’t feel confident working on your bathroom toilet plumbing, contact Churchwell Plumbing to assure the job is done correctly.

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