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Trenchless Cured in Place Pipe Lining

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Trenchless Cured in Place Pipe Liner

Is your drain damaged? Churchwell Plumbing offers a Trenchless Fiberglass Epoxy Liner that is installed in an existing line and cured in place. This method is used to repair drains that are broken, cracked, or root infiltrated.

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What is Trenchless Cured in Place Pipe?

Cured in place pipe is one of several trenchless rehabilitation methods used to repair existing pipelines in Lubbock, TX. CIPP is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from 2in to 8in.


The Cured in Place Pipe Process

Cured in Place PipeA resin saturated felt tube made of fiberglass is inverted or pulled into a damaged pipe.  Little to no digging is involved in this trenchless process, making for a potentially more cost-effective and less disruptive method than traditional “dig and replace” pipe repair methods. The liner can be inverted using air pressure.  Steam is used to cure the resin and form a tight-fitting, jointless and corrosion-resistant replacement pipe. Service laterals are restored internally with robotically controlled cutting devices in the larger diameter pipe. Smaller diameters (100mm) can be opened remotely however they are often reinstated by excavation.

What are the Benefits of Cured in Place Pipe

No Digging Required

As a trenchless technology, CIPP does not require excavation to rehabilitate a pipeline that is either leaking or structurally unsound. Depending upon design considerations an excavation may be made, but the liner is often installed through a manhole or other existing access point such as a clean-out.


Seamless Pipe

CIPP has a smooth interior and no joints. With the seamless fiberglass epoxy liner you can eliminate the potential for root infiltration or offset joints.

Save Time And Money

While most traditional “dig and replace” pipe repairs can take several days and leave your family with no place to live… Churchwell Plumbings cured in place pipe liner can be installed in a fast and efficient time span.